Infinity Inc

Armed with an experimental cloning device you and your team of duplicates must figure out a way to escape the deadly facility. [warning contains red pixels!]


Use the [arrow] keys or [WASD] to move around. [V] is used to switch control between your clones. Use [C] to create a new clone and [X] to fire your waepon.


The Shpufa's

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This website is operated by Nitrome staff, Nitrome have been making independent games featuring pixel-art since 2005. The internet is full of this great pixel content, yet we realised that some games go unnoticed, some are sitting on different portals and some might be destined for obscurity. We select and feature the most exceptional pixel-art games from around the web, every Monday. We felt it would be great to have a home on the web where the best of these gaming gems are sitting waiting to be played by you with a single click.
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